March 21, 2008

New Blogger resources for pictures

If you're a blogger like me and looking for pictures to brighten up your posts, there are a couple of new resources I've found in the last week that look really promising.

First there is compfight. Its a search tool that will take your keywords and dig through all the tags, file names and relevant information on Flickr and return the results to you. There are several things that are cool about this search compared to others I've seen that mine the Flickr repository.

compfight does a good, fast job at searching. It returns results in the form of a set of thumbnails - which makes selecting the right result to view much easier. This is along the lines of some search tools like Exalead that return thumbnails in a results set. In addition you have the option of searching through images that are under a Creative Commons license, thus reducing your exposure to unwanted usage of images.

The other tool is picapp which lets you search their own repository. You can use any image returned through picapp's search in your blogs freely. They have a lot of high quality stock images and also a number of more popular pictures as well. For example, if you did a search on Aishwarya (Rai), you'd get a number of images that you can plug into your posts without worrying about copyright violation.